Chapter 1077

During this period, Christopher truly hated Hannah to the core! After all, to a man, there was nothing more painful than getting betrayed by his own beloved woman. When Hannah had disappeared, Christopher had fallen for Charlie’s words, and he was muddleheaded enough to actually believe that Hannah had eloped with a gigolo. Also, Hannah had held the entire family’s money with her at that time. Therefore, Christopher was even more angry and furious with Hannah. So many days and nights had already passed, but every time he thought of Hannah, he really wanted to catch her and beat her to death. However, he also knew that he would never be able to meet Hannah again in this life since she had already run away with their money. It would also be possible for her to have fled abroad with the money. He never expected that he would meet Hannah, whom he hated so deeply, in the Webb family villa in Sudbury today! Hence, Christopher did not think much and rushed at Hannah without any hesitat

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