Chapter 1076

Why was the next generation of a big family not as good as the previous generation? Actually, this had a lot to do with the environment they lived in. The older generation was born into a humble life. They had to earn their own money to pay for each of their own meals, and they worked hard to earn every single cent they spent. So, during that time, the people who were able to build up a family business would never be considered mediocre. They were all regarded as elites. However, after they had established and made something out of themselves, their sons would already be living a full and abundant life from the moment they were born. Since they had adequate food and clothing, they did not need to work or fight hard to survive. Therefore, their instincts would naturally be weaker, and they would be less aggressive. By the time their grandson was born, he would have already been born with a silver spoon in his mouth. They would not go out to work hard to earn their keep. Instead, it

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