Chapter 1078

Both of them had felt the same as their father, Christopher, not too long ago. They had initially hated their mother who had been so selfish when she fled with their family money, often scolding and cursing at her during this tough and difficult time. It was only until today that they found out that their mother was actually suffering too. Moreover, she had suffered even more compared to them. At the very least, the four of them had only suffered a little injustice in the detention center. However, Hannah had had to endure extensive torture and suffering in the black coal mine. The expression on Lady Wilson’s face was very ugly at this time. She did not sympathize with Hannah at all, however, she felt a lot of pity and sympathy for the money that they had lost because of Charlie! At this point, the old lady walked toward Christopher in rage before she slapped his face severely when he totally did not expect it at all. Christopher was stunned when he got slapped. He looked at h

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