Chapter 1073

Although she was very puzzled, Lady Wilson knew very well that it would be useless for her to think too much at this time. After all, she had already gotten into the other party’s car. It would be better for her to settle down and wait to find out what the other party had in mind. Moreover, her instincts told her that even though the other party looked a little mysterious, he would not hurt her. After all, she was very poor and had nothing at all. No one would go through so much trouble just to harm her. As she thought about this, Lady Wilson heaved a huge sigh of relief. She sat in the car calmly as she waited to see what the other party was going to offer them. The two Rolls-Royce drove directly into Aurous Airport. At this time, the Webb family’s private jet was already parked at the small hangar. This was the private jet that was used to send Hannah to Sudbury last night. Early the next morning, the private jet took off again from Sudbury as it headed toward Aurous Hill to p

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