Chapter 1072

Wendy jumped in excitement and asked, “Sir, is it true? Did you release my father and brother? Where are they now?” The man replied indifferently, “They are being taken care of by my men. Just follow me.” Lady Wilson didn’t give much thought to the entire event. She was in such a miserable state anyway and it was unnecessary for someone to kick her when she was down. In fact, he released her on bail too. She might as well go and take a look, perhaps a new fate awaited her. The two women went through the procedure and got their clothes and belongings. After changing into their own clothes, they followed the man out of the detention center. Two Rolls-Royce Phantoms were parked outside the detention center. The men turned to them, pointed to the car at the back, and said, “You two, get into that car.” Lady Wilson was screaming a joyful shriek inside her when she saw the cars. No ordinary people could afford a Rolls-Royce, let alone two. The Wilson family couldn’t afford a Rolls-Ro

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