Chapter 1071

At this moment, at the Aurous Detention Center, Lady Wilson and Wendy had been locked up for several days now. Thanks to Jennifer’s sympathy, no one had bullied them while they were locked up. Christopher and Harold, on the other hand, were not doing so well in the men’s detention cell. They were bullied in various ways as soon as they were thrown into the cell for being rookies. Not only did they have to do a lot of work but their food was snatched away by the other inmates. There was not a single day that they could sleep with a slightly-filled belly. Because of his misfortune, the hatred Christopher had towards Hannah intensified day by day. He couldn’t help but think about how comfortable she must be with her beloved toyboy and the money she had robbed from him. If it weren’t for Hannah, who had taken away all their money, he would not have ended up where he was now! Initially, the four of them were sentenced to fifteen days in detention. There were a few more days to go be

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