Chapter 1074

She cried and muttered, “My son! My grandson! Both of you have suffered a lot of grievances!” Harold looked like a very aggrieved child. He wiped the tears off his eyes and choked as he said, “Grandma, you don’t know what kind of hardships my father and I have experienced during this period. This is the worst hardship and torment that I have ever suffered in my life.” Christopher also sighed as he said, “Ahh, it is all the same. We should not talk about all those things anymore. Talking about it will only add to our troubles.” Lady Wilson nodded before she hurriedly asked, “By the way, Christopher, what is going on? Who was the one who released us on bail?” “I don’t know…” Christopher shook his head before he said, “Both Harold and I were also suddenly released from the detention center. After that, they used their car to send us here before they asked us to wait here. We do not know who they are.” At this time, the man who picked Lady Wilson and Wendy up from the detention center

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