Chapter 1054

At this moment, there was a man’s voice from the other end of the line. He was panting heavily while saying in a deliberately low voice, “Hey, quit the nonsense, will you? Just give him the money! Don’t let him ruin the moment!” Joey suddenly became alert and asked, “Janice, why is there a man’s voice over there? Who are you with?” “He’s my cousin! Didn’t I tell you that I injured my waist and am doing the physiotherapy in bed? I can’t get into the right posture, that’s why I’ve let him come and help me.” Joey mumbled an ‘Oh’, remembering that she was doing exactly that when he called the other day, so he did not suspect anything. Janice huffed in annoyance. “Okay, fine, I can’t talk right now, I’ll transfer the money to you right now.” Joey shrieked gleefully and said, “Oh, thank you, Janice baby, thank you so much! I love you!” “Okay, that’s enough, I’ll hang up now!” After ending the call, she indeed transferred five hundred and twenty dollars to Joey as promised. Overjoyed,

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