Chapter 1053

Joey pursed his lips awkwardly upon the man’s harsh and direct remark. He dared not oppose him, hence he cleared his throat and hurriedly saying, “Alright, buddy, eight hundred then. Come quick! I’m in a hurry.” “Wait, how do I know if you’re cheating me? You are always so unreliable, I f*cking learned my lesson a long time ago! Transfer the money over to me first!” “Okay, alright, buddy, calm down! I’ll transfer the money over to you right now. Hurry, come quick, don’t take so long!” “I’ll go when I receive the money. No money, no talk!” Joey hastily took out his phone, opened the mobile banking app, and was ready to transfer eight hundred dollars to the man, but when he clicked to confirm the payment, he realized that his account had insufficient balance! Only now that he realized he gave almost all of his savings to Max and only left five hundred dollars for himself as his daily expenses. His logic was simple—the more he gave, the more he earned, so he decided to be thrifty to

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