Chapter 1055

Jayden was in the midst of being upset, but this deadbeat loser dared to challenge him while squatting in front of his car! Without a word, he lifted his leg and kicked Joey to the ground. Then, before Joey could turn around and get back up, he rushed to punch and kick him. Joey wailed in extreme pain and cursed angrily, “F*ck, why are you hitting me? Why? Did I offend you or something? Are you f*cking crazy?” Jayden threw a punch directly on his nose, causing his face to cover with his own blood, and cursed, “You’re the crazy one! Why did you squat in front of my car? And what’s with the tone that you talked to me with just now? You’ve earned yourself some beatings!” Then, he hurled a few more punches at Joey that Joey almost passed out in pain, his eyesight became starry and blurry. When Jayden’s men saw the fight, he got out of the car swiftly and joined his boss to beat Joey violently. It was bad enough for Joey to suffer from a single man’s punches and kicks, but he was in

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