Chapter 1035

Charlie pointed his cell phone at Nelson before he asked, “What’s your name and your occupation?” Nelson trembled in fear as he said, “My name is Nelson Bishop. I am the boss of the Beggar Clan.” Charlie asked again, “What is the livelihood of the Beggar Clan?” Nelson answered truthfully, “The main business of the Beggar Clan is to pretend to be beggars and beg for money everywhere.” Charlie asked, “All of you are wearing gold and silver. Why are you pretending to be a beggar to beg for money then?” Nelson replied, “Because this is the fastest way to make money. We only need to send people out to lie down and beg in various crowded places and we will already be able to earn a high income.” Charlie asked, “Then, why did you abduct so many children?” Nelson said, “Because we found out that we could easily get double or several more times the profit if we bring a child along with us when we beg out on the streets…” Charlie continued to ask, “Then, why did you turn all these health

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