Chapter 1036

Therefore, the Webb family was definitely an accomplice. Charlie believed that Donald would definitely feel very, very uncomfortable as soon as he released this video. Wasn’t he trying to stand up against him? Wasn’t he secretly looking for his enemies so that he could unite them to attack him? ‘I am sorry. The young master is already getting tired of waiting. So, he is going to take a shot and deal with his brother-in-law first!’ So, Charlie told Isaac immediately, “Put all of the members of the Beggar Clan into that Iveco. After that, ask our men to weld the steel bars on their hands to the body of the car!” “Yes!” Isaac quickly gave an order and many men in black rushed forward immediately. Every two men grabbed one person before they dragged them all into the Iveco that no longer had a roof above it. All of the children in the Iveco were all still fast asleep and all of them had already been taken to the helicopter. The group of men continued crying and howling but the men

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