Chapter 1034

Isaac was shocked when he heard Charlie’s words. He really did not expect the young master’s methods to be so cruel. However, when he thought about it, this group of people were indeed doing things that were completely devoid of conscience anyway. Therefore, this method of death was actually a very fair punishment for their actions. If this scumbag had been placed in the ancient times, he would have been executed and put to death by dismembering his body. Isaac no longer had any hesitation and he hurriedly instructed the two men who were dressed in black next to him, “Both of you, go! Remember to cut the wounds more densely together!” These two men were top killers who had already killed countless numbers of people. Therefore, they were already accustomed to this kind of situation. The both of them immediately took out the knives that they had in their pockets before they walked towards Nelson with straight and expressionless emotions on their faces. Nelson, who had acted very bra

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