Chapter 1014

The drivers behind the trucks got out of his car to check what happened, curious and angry. At this moment, a person from the fleet got off the truck and shouted using a loudspeaker, “Everyone, we have just received an urgent notice from the management that the bridge has become hazardous and there is a risk of collapse at any time. We are trying our best to repair the damage as soon as possible. For your safety, please make a detour. Thank you for your cooperation.” The drivers were blowing a gasket, but their anger dispersed in an instant upon hearing the announcement. No one doubted their credentials, especially when they saw so many heavy-duty trucks parked on the bridge. In fact, they were feeling fortunate that they had been following behind these trucks. If they had been in front of the fleet, wouldn’t they drive on this dangerous bridge? Hence, everyone quickly got back into their vehicles, turned around, and took a detour, avoiding the bridge at all costs. Behind the whe

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