Chapter 1013

Several helicopters gathered on the outskirts of Aurous Hill and headed towards the border of the province at high speed, narrowing the distance with the target little by little. On the other hand, the white Iveco Daily was on the federal route, driving according to the speed limit. They often stumbled upon traffic congestion or red lights that limited their overall speed and traveling distance. Gibson chose the federal route instead of the highway because of one main reason, that was, the structure of the road itself. As the highway was a closed-circuit route, it would be hard for them to escape if the police marked them and set up roadblocks. However, federal routes were different. They were connected to various townships and counties, so it would be extremely hard for the police to pinpoint their location and to block their path. Besides, if they faced any problem, they could simply abandon the van and run away. Federal routes provided a lot of excellent hiding locations. They c

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