Chapter 1015

Gibson finally realized that something had gone terribly wrong at this point. How else could he explain the sudden appearance of so many trucks that surrounded them for no reason? Moreover, from the looks of their stance, they didn’t intend to let them escape, hence the parallel formation. They had heavily-loaded trucks sandwiching them both front and rear, with the river roaring under the bridge. If these trucks were really coming at them, they would have no way out. Gibson shuddered in horror and said, “Are they here for the kids? Why? These kids are just a bunch of low-life orphans!” “That’s right!” Gibson’s brother said, “Besides, the police didn’t even come after us yet. Why are these people here?” As the two fleets of trucks were inching closer and closer to them, Gibson’s brother had no choice but to stop the van. Everyone in the van panicked, including Max. Max stumbled into an unending horror at the moment. No one knew the orphanage better than he did. If these children

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