Alpha Rick's pov I couldn't believe my eyes. Was it actually Maya I was seeing? Or was it just the effect of the few glasses of red wine I just had that was making me hallucinate? I looked around and no one was there so I looked forward again and Maya was there vividly clear this time and I was shocked down to my bones. Maya was a white wolf! It was impossible! I killed them all twenty years ago, it couldn't be… how did she survive and keep her identity as a white wolf a secret all these years? How did she live in silence all these years knowing the powers she possessed and the things she could do? I stared at her speechless as I was still in my state of shock. I was still finding it hard to find my words and question her to quench the fire of curiosity that was blazing in my head as she slowly came towards me with a smile playing on her face. I didn't really notice the smile though, it was the rage in her eyes that managed to plant fear in me, but I soon killed the fear and faced h

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