Maya's pov Why on earth am I so nervous? I've been ready to marry this man since the day he rescued me from Alpha Rick's claws, but standing here right now, in my wedding dress in my bedroom, I felt like I couldn't breathe. The blood moon festival did not happen all through last year because according to the priest, the goddess was angry. But I was so sure about what I had with Asher and that was why I didn't give a second thought when he asked her to be his wife. Although I had suggested a much later date for the wedding, until I put to birth for the very least, the priest had insisted on this particular date for the wedding. "You've got this Maya," Edna said for the umpteenth time today, rubbing her hand on my arms as she continued" you are so beautiful. I can't even take my eyes off you" "Edna, is it okay to feel like this.., what if.." "Of course, …The tension, apprehension, and anxiousness always turn out to be a waste of time. So get yourself together and go nail it. It's

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