Maya's pov Edna kept on squeezing the note that was sent by Melissa along with Killian's body as she stared blankly at nothing in particular while we decided to give Killian a burial to honor him for her sake. One moment, she was sniffing the paper with hatred and sorrow in her eyes, then the next, she was zoning out and staring at an empty space. When Daniel found the body and brought it home, he showed us the note without an idea of who sent the body, Edna snatched it and perceived it to catch the scent of who sent it… it was Melissa, she knew immediately because she could recognize her scent after our encounter with her when we were kidnapped. She had been a mess ever since she watched Melissa kill Killian in her front. She wasn't the cheerful Edna I knew anymore, she didn't eat or talk to anyone, she just slept and cried all the time. I and Shalom tried to give her our support and our love, hoping to make her feel better but it wasn't working. Then when Daniel found Killian's bo

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