Asher's POV Tommy and I were having a conversation about different random things. At first, I had thought that Tommy had called me to talk about what had happened as usual, and what had to be done. I mean, we knew what had to be done, but that seemed like the only thing that we ever talked about that had made any sense ever since. Speaking of senses, mine were over and all over the place and at the moment, all I wanted was just one thing. I mean, yeah, I wanted justice. I wanted to make things right, although it would not be that much of a right since we had lost members, good were wolves to Alpha Rick's hands and all of that definitely had to be avenged sooner rather than later,but now, I wanted my mate. I wanted her by my side as I discussed with whomever that was interested in doing so, and as I pondered over the decisions that weighed heavily on my shoulders. I wanted Maya I wanted her touch, her smell, her presence. I felt like I was about to go mad, and now I was beginning t

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