Melissa's Pov. No no no no no no "This can't be happening. I didn't right…I didn't right?" I mumbled to myself, as I played back the event of seven minutes ago in my head. "I did not just kill Killian. It wasn't me…I didn't do it, right?" My head arched badly and it felt like with every syllable of the word I lamented, my heart was ripped out of its cage over and over again. It was never my intention to kill Killian. Fuck, I never wanted him dead. I was caught up with rage as I heard him say all those things to Edna. I didn't know what to do. I was feeling frustrated with every spark that traveled through the screen as they watched themselves even from miles apart. It was palpable…so palpable it made the atmosphere of the cell rise and burn my self-control. I looked haggard. My hair was everywhere and my mascara was running along with my nose but I didn't care. I couldn't…. How could I have cared when I just killed the one man I've ever loved. I attacked my hair with my fingers a

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