Melissa's POV Killian looked so torn. And no, I'm not talking about the cuts in his flesh or the splits in his cloth. I'm talking about his inner man. One look at him and you would easily conclude that he's accepted his fate—he had accepted his death, but yet, along with the look of a man who is torn, is the look of triumph. You'd look into his eyes and you'd see fulfillment and acceptance, not even an iota of regret or fear. Despite all the torture he had gone through, he was still head bent on keeping shut on all the questions he was asked. With every stroke of the whip he received, I felt the pain with him and for as many times he died, I died with him. This is shocking coming from a girl who has never felt pity, I know. As I stood and watched the suffering he had to endure for love, I couldn't help but pity the man. His eyes were shallow and filled with accomplishments and I think that was what provoked Jason all the more. "Tighten his neck cuff " Jason yelled to the guards be

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