Maya's POV 'And that tome when Edna got stranded before we became familiar with this place and all the trees and stuff?" Tommy laughed. 'And she kept on screaming about how she had got lost and was going to die when she was only about a few metres from where we had left her too?" Shalom laughed. 'Could she not have just tried to sniff her way out? You know, using wolf senses?" I laughed, hoping that Edna would somehow react and come charging for me. But she did not, she just sat there. 'I asked the same thing! She could have just done that, but she did not!" Tommy said and reached his hand towards my direction. I raised my hand to hit his in a high five and we started to laugh. 'In the end, I eventually had to come over and hold her hand and lead her out here. It was quite hilarious for everyone." Shalom said, brushing some invisible dirt off her dress. 'I always try my best to help everyone, you know?" 'Wait, who remembers the first time that Edna had some Jerk chicken and Sic

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