Killian's pov This was all going bad, I never planned for this to happen. It wasn't going my way anymore, I had failed in fulfilling my duty to the Royal pack and now here I was, being tortured by alpha Rick and Jason. I should have known, should have perceived something right from when Jason and Melissa strangely became friends with me for no reason. I had no relationship with them prior to our friendship, I was of no use to them, I just ran errands so how they decided to be my friends should have been a mystery to me… except I was too oblivious to notice it all because I was always busy occupying my time by talking to Edna so I could endure all the time I spent with them. I loated being their friends and I knew they did too because this just proved what they thought of me, they only suspected me and brought me closer to monitor my movements and they succeeded, I fell right into their trap. Jason had called me to hang out with him a few days ago and I did, because I didn't have a

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