Maya's POV My body could barely keep in the rage, the anger I felt bubbling up in me as my mind went over all that had happened a long time ago. All that I had finally known. This was the truth about me, and about my parents that I had always tried to find some information about, regardless of if they worked as servants once, or if they were also slaves like I used to be at one time. But to find out about their true selves, that they were both were wolves of nobility, and that they had died unjustly? To find out that they had practically been to hell before they had even died? To find out that they never had the chance to watch their only child grow like many other were wolf parents had the luxury of doing? For me to find out that I had been lied to about my life and where I came from, and that my parents had to suffer and die to keep me safe, and I in turn too, had to suffer at the hands of an evil were wolf? To find out that my parents and I had gone through all of this because

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