Rick's pov Thump! Thump! Thump! I heard the echoes of my footsteps hit my ears harshly. What nonsense! I couldn't believe this kind of an Alpha had managed to slip through my fingers yet again. I was close! I was so fucking close to catching him... He already told me he and Maya were on their way coming to my pack and I'd already planned everything out. From the warriors that would attack them at the pack's entrance to those warriors that would assist the first batch in case Alpha Asher would overpower the first set. "I don't think they are coming" Jack, the head of the warriors in the pack said to me. "Then fucking make them come" I snarled. "How do I do that Alpha? You said you had everything under control! How do I suddenly make them come?" I looked at him and I decided in my mind that Jack has grown a second head. What else could explain this sudden audacity which he uses to talk to me? No one dares talk to Alpha Rick in such order. I turned to look at him with blood and fire

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