Jason's POV I paced about my room for the— only the goddess knows how many times I have paced about in such a manner, either out of nervousness or out of anger. My father had called for another meeting, and I was very sure that it was the same titled were wolves who were there before that would be there now. And the worst thing was that, father was not too happy. That was a big understatement. He was very angry. He did not have to tell anyone that he was angry. Nobody had to see to know that the waves— the large amount of negative energy coming from his person was more than it usually was. It rolled off him and moved around him and into him that I felt attacked by his passive anger. I had a sensitive inner being, and in spite of the way father had raised me, I could accurately sense emotion from different living things, especially were wolves. Father did not send a servant to come to call me to attend his meeting this time. He had come to me by himself, and when my father goes to

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