Maya's pov No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't control the anger that kept on rising in my heart as I baffled at the evil that alpha Rick contained in his whole soul… that man was wicked, heartless and other words I could think of to describe a person that had no remorse in his heart. How could someone be so filled with evil and still crave to do bad things to people? What was he going to gain? A new pack? Even if he did get it in the end, loneliness was bound to come along with it because everyone around only feared him and felt nothing else for him, so he was definitely going to wallow in loneliness even if he took over all the packs in the whole werewolf world. I kept on stringing my fingers, squeezing them tight, hoping to dissipate the anger that was swelling inside of me but it wasn't helping, nothing was changing. I had never felt this angry before and there seemed to be no option to calm down. I hated feeling this way but there was nothing I could do to get rid of these ne

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