Asher's POV I took Maya's trembling hands in mine and squeezed them. Not too hard, I was only trying to give her a sense of security. Her hands were shaking and her nervousness was so obvious that one could probably smell it if they passed us by at the time. She looked into my eyes and I nodded, holding her face. 'Be strong for me. And for you, my love." I whispered and she nodded, wiping away a lone tear that had managed to escape her left eye. 'I am so scared, Ash." She said with a sniff and wrapped her arms around me, enveloping me in a hug. I noticed that she had begun to calm down as her formerly erratic breathing had begun to slow down into fairly normal breaths. I started to pat her hair and whispered soothing— or what I had hoped was soothing words into her ear. I even began to whisper sing one of the songs she had been listening to without pause all week, whenever she had the chance to. A small giggle erupted from her and she raised to swat me on the arm. 'You are singin

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