Maya's POV My eyes were closed but not my mind. For the life of me, I couldn't sleep. Hell, I couldn't stop my mind from running wild the whole event that happened today. If not for the fact that Asher was in my room laying with me, I know I'd still be pacing the length of my room trying to unravel what Alpha Jamil meant by the prophecy. Not to mention the women in the cave had previously mentioned it. How do I take over something I know nothing about? It doesn't all sit well with me. My thoughts were in disarray and my head was in a riotous background scene. Nothing was playing out well. I still wanted to talk about it but I knew Asher would kick against it, that was the reason why I remained calmly on his chest and just listened to his heartbeat. I was still enjoying the rhythm of his beating hand and the soothing sensation of his finger trailing the line on my back when I felt something vibrating against his body— his phone. He pulled out a phone and let out a little "what in t

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