Jason's POV I paced angrily about my room. It was something I had always done whenever I felt angry or if I felt that I had been wronged by someone. This time, pacing around did not do anything to help with my anger though. My father had originally spoken to his board and others about my plan, and they had all accepted it with open arms and wide smiles and mouths full of praises. But that was it. That was all I had received. Praises and seemingly passionate words of titles were wolves who were merely feeling the moment. They had felt energised by the plan and how quick to accomplish it seemed and so my father made them give me their support, but that was all it was. I even felt that my father had another plan and mine was just a cover up for him to do his thing. He had used me for his own gain. That was just like him. And if I went up to my father in this temper, he would not stand for it. Neither of us had good tempers, but my father was by far the stronger werewolf. I could barely

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