Maya's pov The room was dimly lit and I could hardly make out where I was. I called out for someone but I couldn't hear my voice. I began to panic, hoping someone would come for my help soon in case I was in danger. Suddenly I saw a tiny light form and it transformed into a person. I looked closely and it was alpha Jamil smiling at me, his hands clasped together "alpha Jamil" I called out once my eyes adjusted to the light and I saw him but my voice still wasn't audible "Let time take its course Maya, and you'll know all you're meant to fulfill… greatness is yours dear," he said and with that, he vanished Into thin air. I was scared and tried to scream but my voice still wasn't hearable. I began to panic and looked for an exit….. With a gasp, I jolted up in my bed and looked around once I realized it was a dream. I remembered what Alpha Jamil said to me and wondered if it was a message. Fuck! That was the most creepy dream I've had in forever. Alpha's Jamil's voice continued to res

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