Asher's pov Maya looked bewildered as she tried to take in the whole information about her origin and everything about what happened to the white wolves that existed before they were destroyed by alpha Rick. She couldn't take it anymore, it was quite obvious on her face as I watched her closely. I didn't think she knew how or when she stood up and walked out of the study still looking shocked and unable to utter a word to Tommy and Shalom. I quickly offered an apology to both of them and quickly followed Maya to make sure she was alright. I wouldn't be completely fine if I were in her shoes, because that whole revelation as my history will also come as a shock to me. I heard the tap rushing from the kitchen and followed the sound, to find Maya by the tap fetching a glass of water to drink. Her hands were shaky and her face was pale. Poor Maya! I could understand that must be hard for her, having to find out that her whole life up till now was a lie. Been told she was an omega, being

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