Maya's POV I was just finished with my training with Daniel and I was having fun with some of the children at the pack when I remembered that I was supposed to have a consultation with Tommy and Shalom. I looked at the two little children holding on to my hand, Marcel and Marceline, and then I figured that I would not have enough time to play with them anymore if I had to meet up with Shalom and Tom just in time. Luckily, I saw their mother, Sera just ahead. She was waving at me, probably to get my attention, and I waved back before bending to Marcel and Marceline's level. 'Hey guys. Do you see your mummy?" I whispered as I pointed at Sera. The twins began to giggle and Marcel pointed at his mother. 'Hi mummy!" He shouted in the cutest voice ever. 'I want to play with mummy, Maya." He said as he turned to me. Marceline giggled, clapping her hands. 'Let us catch mummy!" 'Alright then." I said, blowing the stray hairs that escaped my pony tail out of my face. 'When I say ‘Go!', you

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