Asher's pov A knock on my office door made me look up from the paperwork I was supposed to be doing but couldn't because I had too many things on my mind. Maya, stood at the threshold, poking just her head through the slightly opened door while the remaining of her body stayed outside. "He looks so sexy wearing glasses" I heard our thoughts through our bond. Even though I haven't marked her, the traditional way, our mate bond was strong enough to communicate if we are close enough. "Thank you. And you look extremely sexy in those booty shorts of yours" Her cheeks went aflame with hues of bright colors while her mouth stayed open for a while in a how-did-you-fucking-heard kind of way. "Mate bond" I simply replied before going back to what I was doing. She nodded and walked closer to me and sat on my lap. Her Auburn-colored hair was tied up into a loosened ' ponytail. She suddenly turned to do that she was straddling me, her neck buried in the crook of my neck and her leg at either s

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