Asher's POV I walked straight to Edna's room to deliver Killian's greetings to her, but then when I knocked, she did not answer immediately. I knocked three more times before she came to the door and opened it, and she did not look very happy. Like she had been stuck here, just being moody all day. 'What‘a wrong, Edna?" I asked her, worry etched all over my face. She looked up at me with a smile. 'Oh, it's alright actually, Asher. I just got up from the bed now, I was asleep." That smile was obviously fake, and what she told me was obviously a lie, and her face told me that she obviously knew that I would not fall for that kind of thing, but then her face was also pleading for me to not ask any more questions lest she teared up again, so then I left it at that with a sigh. I knew all that because I trained her, she grew up with me, and so I could read her like an open book. ' I came to speak to you." I said, letting myself in and shutting the door behind us. The. I perched on he

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