Alpha Asher's POV. I walked over to the Beta's office to speak to Daniel. Edna was just like a sister to me and matters that included her life were important to mine too. Her parents died right before my eyes and entrusted me to care for her until I died. I owed her some happiness at least, and I know how much one's mate can bring a lot of happiness to them. I mean, look at my perfect mate, Maya. If Edna wanted to have her mate with her, she deserved to, but still, I needed Killian to take part in some of the work that needed to be done. As my spy, he had to stay at the Blood moon's pack and give me information regarding the Blood moon pack and its members and if he came back, there was a possibility that the evil pack alpha would somehow be able to do something evil, especially to my pack and I would not be able to stop it. But first of all, I felt like I needed to talk it all out with my beta and best friend first. And so that was why I was headed to his office to have a conversa

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