Maya's pov Morning came and my heart threatened to burst out of my chest as I got up from my bed. I took a long time staring at the mirror as I wondered what would be in store for me at the priest's place today. Would it be good or bad news? I couldn't say until I went there with Asher to find out myself. I decided to discard all thoughts relating to the priest for a while and go through the morning like it was every other normal morning without overthinking and went downstairs for breakfast. Edna and Daniel were in the kitchen already and I could hear Tommy and Shalom chatter from the dining room. "Good morning Maya" Edna chirped from the gas where she flipped the egg she was frying while blowing me an air kiss. I smiled and playfully caught the kiss before waking over to her to give a hug from behind since she was busy at the moment. "Slept well?" I asked and she nodded "mmhmm" she replied and turned the egg into a plate then handed it to me. "Your breakfast madame" she said and

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