Maya's POV The jets of warm water cascading from the ceiling immediately relaxed my muscles and made me feel better afterwards. The first time I was introduced to this shower, I was terrified. I had turned the shower knob only to find water falling from the ceiling and covering a larger surface area than I was used to. I was already used it it anyway. The thing was that while I was in the shower, I thought that I had heard something or someone come into my room. I had to turn off the shower and tune into my werewolf hearing to try to find out of what I thought was what it was or if it was just a figment of my imagination. I shuddered as my mind went back to the nightmares I sometimes had, causing me to wake up at the middle of the night. That was the reason Asher usually took a sleeping position beside me, to prevent the nightmares, and it always worked. Through the double sliding doors, I saw a blur of a shadow pass by. Immediately, I wrapped my towel around my person and opened th

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