Maya's pov The all lovey-dovey period ended and now it was time for another business much to my dismay. One would think after that super lovely and romantic moment I had with Asher this morning, we'd be on a cruise ship, basking away in the Don Massimo Torricelli and Laura Biel kind of way but no, here we are in the royal pack, him gloving me up while I prep for my fight lessons….not like I'm complaining though. Well, I was pretty sure both Asher and Edna conspired to kill me because only they could come up with such an idea. Daniel, oh sweet Daniel. He would never be involved in such brutality. Yeah, I said I wanted to train but this was fifteen levels ahead of what was supposed to be a beginner class. After Edna told me everything that happened between Asher and Agatha, it dawned on me that there was no befriending. She was a low-key sworn enemy and I have no problem with that. My issue was with the fact that she always paired with me whenever we trained. And I feared because sh

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