Maya's pov I was disturbed when Asher woke up really early and kissed me good morning on my forehead before leaving the room. The sun wasn't even out yet, the room was still a bit dim and the Asher I had grown used to loved his morning sleep. He hated it when the sun rays had made their way into his room and reflected on his face while he was sleeping. He would be grumpy throughout that morning because the sun interrupted his sleep. So to have him wide awake and bubbly with energy this early morning was quite disturbing and weird because I didn't wake him up, he woke up himself! I didn't fret though, I just smiled at him and gave him a kiss on the cheek too before he left the room to do whatever God knows what while I went back to sleep. The past few days with him had been beautiful, fun and quite different from the first times we had. This time, it was better. Asher gave me more attention, said cheesy and sweet words that made me cringe and laugh sometimes. He randomly hugged or ki

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