Asher's pov We got back from the amusement park and arrived at the house. "Thanks for taking me out Asher, it was really nice and I really loved it. '' Maya told me with a smile and held my hands, swinging them left and right. It was obvious she was bubbling with excitement and happiness from all the fun she had at the amusement park with me. I was going to give her more and shower her with more love if It was going to give me a chance to see her happy and excited all the time because a happy Maya was a happy Asher. It felt like my mood was linked to hers and whatever she felt was what I was bound to also feel too. I freed one of my hands from hers and gently stroked her face while she leaned in "you shouldn't be thanking me Maya, you deserve it and you're entitled to anything you want here" I told her and she nodded before she gave me a hug "still, I'll show you I loved it" she replied and gave me a peck then released me from her hug "I still have a surprise for you" I told her and

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