Maya's pov It had already been exactly three days since my rough patch with Asher, since we gave each other space and barely even talked or looked long enough at each other. It hurt me too, but he had to give me space because I needed it. I wasn't a log of wood, I had feelings too and I was deeply hurt by what he did to me the morning after our first time having sex. It was really hurtful and it felt degrading to me; waking up to an empty cold bed alone without your lover after your first time together! Thinking about it made me even more angry, I didn't feel an ounce of guilt after asking him to give me space. He knew he messed up, I was also glad his conscience wouldn't let him be when he realized the gravity of what he did. I went through thick, and hell in the hands of Jason when I was still stuck at the blood moon pack before I escaped and everything he did to me and made me do was really traumatizing. I still have nightmares about them once in a while… especially since I start

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