Asher's POV I had watched Daniel and Maya train together. Although I was proud of the progress she was making, as she learned more quickly than I expected her to. In spite of the injuries she still had that were healing, she moved quickly as Daniel tried to land a hit, but then as she went narrowing towards him with full force she could only just move Daniel slightly, before the fell on the ground with an ‘oomph!'. 'What exactly are you made of, young man?" She asked Daniel as he bent to help her up. 'Pounds and pounds of pure muscle and protein, my lady." He said, laughing as he helped her up. Maya had a small frown on her face. 'Show off. I bet you stood there waiting for me to hit you on purpose. Didn't you?" Maya asked him and I just stood, watching their exchange. Daniel responded to her question with a laugh. I walked towards them without knowing what I was doing until I got to the front of them. 'I would like to train with Maya, please step aside, Daniel." I said, not unde

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