Maya's pov Walking down the hallways that lead to the training ground gives me a sense of deja vu because literally the scene of me changing fur was and the stares I got from the pack members were living rent-free in my head. Daniel held my hand and tightened his grip on my hand. His jaw was clenched and his whole body was tense. Right now he wasn't the Daniel I'm used to. Right now he was Daniel Smoke, the Beta of the pack and he showed effortless and tremendous powers as such. It's the second week since I double shifted fur to continue my training and discover more about myself without getting a mental breakdown. Daniel had, on his own, agreed to be my tutor, and ever since he made that decision, he has been at his best through and through. "Wh—what?" I breathed out. I needed a moment, I never thought I'd constantly have to brace myself for whatever was to come but here we are. Thank you for the extra morale boost, Asher! "I know I said it was going to be just you and me for y

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