Asher's pov Work had gotten really hectic and exhausting that I always returned home tired and spent. I didn't really have the time to perform my duties as the Alpha when Maya and Edna got kidnapped, it was all suspended while we planned how to attack and save them until we had them back and now the work was gobbling up my energy along with my time. Maya and I didn't see much of each other anymore these days due to how busy I had gotten with work and duties to fulfill. In the morning she would still be asleep before I go to work so I wouldn't be able to wake her up and when I returned at night from work, she was asleep already, tired from the day's training with Daniel as Edna told me when I asked. These continued for days and I was beginning to think she was ignoring me. I once stayed late before goito work, hoping she would be awake before I left but she was still asleep so I gave up on waiting and went ahead to complete the work I left overnight at the office. I was a mess, Maya

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