Maya's pov I can't explain what happened to me yesterday. I felt like a completely different person and even though I liked this new, somewhat me, it was exhausting at the same time. Because the fire that was still licking inside of me, consumes me to an extent, and I'm afraid to see what damage will be done when it burns down. The truth was, I felt stronger, Edna's words are etched in my brain and Asher definitely had an effect on me that made me feel seen, appreciated, and wanted. But anxiety, depression, and especially insecurity are not something you get over within a day. It's a process that takes time when properly tackled and takes longer or forever when tackled recklessly. A slow and painful process but one worth making especially with the right people beside you and I feel like I'm finally getting there. "Hey" Asher's sleepy voice vibrated against my neck as he stirred behind me, he threw his arm over my waist with my back pressed against his chest. He picked up his phone

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