Maya's POV I opened my eyes slowly and was surprised to not find the blinding sun or metal bars in my face when I did so. Maybe Edna had somehow managed to bring me back to the slaves' quarters after I had passed out. Or one of the other slaves who had felt sympathetic after seeing me in such a vulnerable way. In actual fact, I was even surprised that I had opened my eyes. I thought that I was going to die after all my body had had to go through, it was not like I had gone through beatings and cuts and being strikes with whips. I had even gone through electrocution. That alone was enough to send any werewolf into the afterlife, or into the arms of the moon goddess, but it appeared like she definitely had other plans for me. I was alive and lying down in a strange place. Well, at least I was alive. Edna! Where was she? She had foolishly rushed to try to stop the alpha of the Blood moon pack, while he was torturing me as punishment for hitting his pathetic son. Future alpha indeed.

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