Asher's pov It was morning already and the sunlight still found a way into my room through the curtains. I rolled over to my side and stared at the reflections of the sun through the window for a while, then I stretched and let out a low yawn before I stood up and went to have my bath. Maya came to my mind as I brushed and I saw how red my cheeks became in the mirror. I was something else whenever I was around her or when thoughts of her crossed my mind. She was my weak point, the only thing that filled my head and heart with flowers and ecstasy and I wasn't ashamed to admit it… I had my shower and dressed up then headed straight for her room so we could have breakfast together. She wasn't there when I opened the door. I just figured she would be somewhere else, probably the kitchen so I shrugged and went to the kitchen. My stomach was growling already and I hungered for something sweet. I got to the kitchen and there she was in a big shirt that stopped on her thighs as she danced an

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