Asher's pov The fight ended soon enough and the whole fighters from the blood moon pack were either lying injured or lifeless on the ground. I believed in myself and the strength of my warriors. We weren't called the Royal pack for nothing. I knew we would emerge victorious because we deserved it. I looked back at the remaining warriors from my pack and an air of relief washed over me when I was certain everyone was okay and alive. Yes, with scratches and little cuts here and there but that was all there was to it…. Little cuts and scratches were all the blood moon pack had on us. I looked and searched until my gaze finally landed on Maya, tied against a big concrete pole. I ran to her side ready to tear the binds apart but the mate urge made me shift back to my human form some few feet before her. Oh, the urge to circle her in a breathtaking hug. The need to kiss all of her wounds and scars and also the need to scold her for not listening to me. "Maya" I called out to Maya franti

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